Phrasal Verbs I. by Phrasal American

Phrasal Verbs I.

Learn the most common American phrasal verbs and expressions with:
go; keep; look; see; and; have; pass; take and in.
Also, it's time to learn some:
collocations, word errors and proverbs

What does this course teach... and how?

You will find 12 units below. 9 of them teach phrasal verbs with 9 different root verbs, and you will get 3 extra units teaching:
  • collocations
  • word usage errors
  • proverbs.
Listen to the audio files as many times as you need to fully master the content. Each lesson includes 4 sections, and every section helps you memorize and use the phrasal verbs in context.

Your guide is a native American teacher from New Jersey, speaking authentic American English. He made sure that you encounter these expressions in a natural context.

Good luck with improving your spoken American English! 🤞

What's included?

File Icon 12 files


Expressions with GO 1
6 mins
Expressions with TAKE 1
6 mins
Expressions with IN 1
7 mins
Expressions with KEEP 1
7 mins
Expressions with LOOK 1
5 mins
Seeing Expressions 1
8 mins
Expressions with AND 1
7 mins
Expressions with HAVE 1
7 mins
Expressions with PASS
8 mins
Collocations 1
13 mins
Word Errors 1
9 mins
Proverbs 1
8 mins