Welcome to Phrasal American👋

We've created this site to fill the gap for advanced English courses.

What you can learn here is not grammar or the most commonly used words, but real American expressions and phrasal verbs that you will constantly encounter while listening to English spoken by native speakers.

Test Your American English

Phrasal Verbs I.

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Phrasal Verbs II.

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Phrasal Verbs III.

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What can I learn at Phrasal American?

Well, nothing similar to the materials that you were probably taught by private teachers or language schools. We focus on advanced vocabulary, with a special emphasis on phrasal verbs and expressions.

What's your method of teaching?

We teach trough audio lessons. Every lesson lasts around 7-10 minutes, and has 4 sections:
  1. A monolog or dialog where you hear the new expressions in context.
  2. An altered text, where you have to replace the general expressions to the new phrases.
  3. In the 3rd exercise you can activate your knowledge: fill in the gaps with the new expressions!
  4. The last section is both a consolidation exercise and a more detailed explanation about how to use the new expressions you've learned. You have to fill in the gaps again, using your memory for a 3rd time :)

What level of English do I need to use Phrasal American?

Our audio lessons are more advanced than the usual English-teaching contents. You can make the most of your learning experience if you are at a solid intermediate level or above.

How many expressions and phrasal verbs can I learn here?

Each course teaches 12 lessons, and each lesson teaches at least 10 expressions. With our first 4 courses, you will learn approximately 500 advanced American expressions.

What Our Students Say

I love the voice of the teacher :)
I think I've learned more with the first course than I did in the last few years.
Very practical and well-designed.
These audio lessons are the first resource I can use to actually memorize phrasal verbs.
High-quality content with tons of new information, thanks!
I'm looking forward to what courses come next.